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The UK is facing a shortage of engineers, mathematicians and physicists.  The country desperately needs STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) graduates – to design new products, to provide sustainable resources of energy and fresh water, to provide communications, transport, infrastructure and so on.  Isaac Physics hopes to help students along this path, by assisting A level students to develop their problem solving skills.  Isaac Physics runs teacher training days, provides challenging workshops for students of maths and physics, and its website – isaacphysics.org – features thousands of problems. Whatever your ability, there are hundreds of suitable questions on the website:

  • Physics Skills questions allow students to show their mastery of their basic skills – essential for success at A level.  Isaac Physics has also produced a book of these questions – two copies of this book are being sent free to each of the Woodard schools, (further copies are available from Isaac Physics at cost price from isaacbooks.org).  Teachers can set the questions for students to complete online.  This significantly reduces the workload involved in marking, giving the teacher more time to focus on the needs of individual students.
  • The problem solving tasks are allocated levels of difficulty (from 1 = end of GCSE, through to 6 = university preparation; A level students would generally focus on levels 2 to 5).  Students learn by tackling a wide range of challenging problems, and over time, their problem solving skills improve.  What is more, isaacphysics.org keeps a record of all the problems they have tackled – very handy evidence for an application to a top university.

Sally Waugh (teacher of mathematics at Hurstpierpoint College, and an advisor on transition to university courses) has compiled some of the maths questions on the website which concentrates on A level physics, along with the mathematical skills needed to succeed in physics and related subjects at university.  With a first degree and PhD from Cambridge, Sally knows better than many that a good mathematical preparation is a huge asset when applying to a competitive university. Isaac Physics wants all students to have free access to challenging materials to hone their skills and extend their experience.  Thanks to funding from the DfE, Isaac Physics is able to offer these workshops, teacher training and the website without charging schools, students or teachers. Isaac Physics is keen to work with the Woodard schools, and Hurstpierpoint is preparing to host its first Isaac Physics Student Workshop.  Usually, Isaac Physics Student Workshops are run in one school and are open to students of all local schools.  At Hurstpierpoint, we also expect participants from other Woodard schools further afield, so that all Woodard students following mathematics and physics courses in the Sixth Form have the opportunity to take part in their subjects at the highest levels.