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The  Woodard Langalanga Secondary School was a birthday gift to commemorate the bicentenary of the birth of The Woodard Corporation’s founder, Nathaniel Woodard, in 2011. Langalanga opened its doors to pupils in 2012, in collaboration with the Kariandusi Schools Trust, after the Woodard family of schools raised over £250,000.

The school is now operating at full capacity with a total of 501 students (243 boys and 258 girls). The wonderful school facilities, funded through the Woodard Corporation’s many supporters, make a great difference, act as a beacon to bring children in and also enable various wider events to take place sponsored at the county level. This said, the school, government funded and governed as a faith school under the name of The Woodard Corporation, continues to face a number of challenges. Politically, Kenya is a little more stable but education funding remains limited and the school is short of teachers – only ten are state funded, with a further eight supported by parents. This is inadequate for the task and places a large burden on teachers.

Academic results do not compare with Kenyan private secondary schools, nor is this expected, and the fact that the school sits within the poor and relatively deprived town of Langalanga brings its own social issues. Mr Paul Mbugwa, the Headmaster, has therefore been under significant pressure on a number of fronts but results are up and social issues, including drugs related incidents, seem to be more under control. The core areas of need in which Paul Mbugwa has asked for support are:

  • The ability to buy in additional teachers.
  • Additional desks and science equipment to meet the larger number of enrolled students.
  • Support for a lunch programme – only 50% of students can pay for lunch.
  • An expansion of extracurricular activity to enable drama and music lessons.
  • The ability to offer awards at prize giving to the best students and to recognise the performance of the best teachers.

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