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report by pupils India Greenland and Guy Fenton

Last week saw the highly anticipated main school play, Twelfth Night, interpreted in very original fashion by director, Miss Agg-Manning. This Shakespeare classic provided a comical evening for all, and members of the audience were left highly impressed by the standard of the performance.

The confusing plot line did not prove to be a problem, despite various gender and costume changes. The choice to set the play in the 1950s was an intriguing decision, but it worked well and helped to bring it into the modern world – the use of songs was very effective and amusing.

For many, the highlight was Lorcan Cudlip-Cook playing Malvolio: he gave both an excellent and disconcerting performance, shocking many in his yellow outfit. There were some other stand-out performances: the drunken Sir Toby (Eddie Kelsey) and the camp Sir Andrew (Harry Salmons) were very funny and a great pair to watch, as was James Clark, as the debonair Count Orsino, and Emma Smith and Iona Frith-Fletcher as Maria and Olivia, in this, their fifth and final main school play.

Overall, a vast range of King’s dramatic talent was evident, with very strong acting, singing and dancing, making this a hugely successful play.


Photographer: Steve Shaw