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Bishop Anthony Russell, former Lord Bishop of Ely, steps down as President of Woodard Schools after thirteen years of devoted service.  The President of the Woodard Corporation is the spiritual and religious figurehead of this significant group of maintained sector, independent and academy schools, one of the major educational providers in the country.  Richard Morse, Chairman of Woodard Schools, says that “the President and our Provosts are part of the uniqueness of Woodard Schools, protecting and promoting the Christian character of our schools.  We are so grateful to Bishop Anthony for his tireless concern and care for our schools and the people in them over many years”.

Bishop Anthony says that “It has been a great joy to be at the centre of a growing and evolving group of Anglican schools with the special character of straddling the two sectors in education.  There is so much to be learnt from each other as we pursue a common endeavour of introducing young people to the possibility of an encounter with Jesus Christ alongside the offer of a holistic and value driven education”.

Bishop Anthony is to be succeeded by the Right Reverend John Inge, Lord Bishop of Worcester, who is himself a product of a Woodard education, having been a teacher and assistant chaplain at Lancing College, the spiritual home of the group.  Bishop John is relishing the task ahead:  “We must continue to develop the unique charism of this extraordinary group of schools where a love of learning runs alongside Christian spirituality and worship.  This is a precious gift from our Founder, Canon Nathaniel Woodard, who deserves better recognition as the educational champion he undoubtedly was”.