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Some Denstone College Prep School pupils have built a magnificent treehouse within the school grounds for their own and future pupils use.

Some boys from Year 6 asked the headmaster, Jerry Gear, if a group of friends might be able to build a treehouse within The Cedars, a heavily wooded area within the beautiful grounds of Smallwood Manor. One of the dads, Dave Cooper, offered to help so, it was all hands-on deck!

Mr Cooper happily agreed to provide the material and know-how, whilst the boys provided some of the labour.

The main structure and supports were built by Mr Cooper and one of his men, Joe, and then the boys helped with the cutting and fixing of the decking and handrail system.

They started this project at the end of February 2018, in groups of two, using their break times to cut the wood, hammer in some nails and put in some screws, with Mr Cooper guiding and project managing.

It was completed and officially opened with a plaque by Mrs Cooper on the 3 May 2018.