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Woodard Documents


Woodard Documents

The following documents are available to download:

Corporate Design Standards

Information Papers (Regulations, Appendix 8):

Memorandum & Articles of Association:

The Woodard Corporation and the Woodard Academies Trust:


Custodes Advisory Council Terms of Reference (January 2011) (Regulations, Appendix 9)

Memorandum of Understanding for Affiliated/Associated Schools (June 2015) (Regulations, addition)

The Woodard Educational Statement (2010) (Regulations, Appendix 3)

The Woodard Provost (September 2014) (Regulations, Appendix 6)


Membership Documents

– Fellow/SchoolGovernor (to be used as described in WIP02, see above):

– Custos/Chairman (to be used as described in WIP11, see above):

– Appointment of Head (to be used as described in WIP12, see above):