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Private Area


Thank you for logging in to the private area of the Woodard website from where you can access a range of useful items, as follows:

Woodard documents – including our Articles of Association, Regulations, information papers; and school council membership documents.

Kalendar and other information – including the Cycle of Prayer and Woodard Diary.

Templates – a range of useful documents, including templates for contracts, leave and service agreements.

Governors’ Corner – resources available to governors of Woodard schools, including details of external governance courses.

Chaplains’ Corner – a one-stop resource in which we welcome Chaplains from across Woodard to share their school assemblies.

Marketing Matters – useful resources including our Corporate Guidelines and support with media relations.

If you would like to include additional information to share with other Woodard Schools, then please contact Lynette Gill on lynettegill@woodardschools.co.uk