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Payment Schemes


The Woodard Corporation and most Woodard schools offer a facility for paying the whole of a child’s fees in advance at one time. A capital sum to cover all or even part of the fees made at the time of entry to the school will usually attract a discount on the fees payable. The payment required will depend on the timing, number of terms and prevailing economic conditions. Such a scheme is often used by parents and guardians to secure the long term schooling for their children, or by grandparents wishing to assist in the education of their grandchildren.

Monthly Payments

A number of Woodard schools now give parents the option of paying fees monthly either as part of a facility run by the school or through external bodies established for the purpose.  Monthly payment helps parents spread the cost of their child’s education across the year rather than having to find sums for fees at busy periods such as Christmas and following summer holidays.

For information about Payment in Advance Schemes or Monthly Payments please contact the incorporated school direct.  Click here for contact details.