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Our Schools

The Woodard family encompasses several school types, all sharing our Founder’s vision of high quality education in an actively Christian environment.

A-Z Schools – the full list of all Woodard Schools.

Incorporated Schools (independent) – these are fee-paying schools offering a wealth of independent education and opportunity for students from the ages of 2 to 18.  Incorporated schools operate with their own governing body which is fully responsible for the school’s performance, governance and finance.  The governing body also has a responsibility to the Woodard Board.

Woodard Academies – Woodard sponsors academies through its sister charity, the Woodard Academies Trust. Like all of the schools within the Woodard family, a Woodard Academy reflects the culture and vision of Woodard.

Affiliated Schools (maintained) – these are maintained sector schools and academies that have joined Woodard because they believe in Woodard’s values and vision. Affiliated schools are entirely responsible for their own governance, performance and finance but draw on the shared strength of the whole Woodard family.

Associated Schools (independent) – these are independent schools that have joined Woodard because https://www.woodard.co.uk/associated-schools/they believe in Woodard’s values and vision and wish to share best practice, latest thinking and experience. Like our Affiliated Schools, Associated schools are entirely responsible for their own governance, performance and finance.

Woodard Langalanga Secondary School – located in Gilgil, Kenya, this school was established as part of the 200th anniversary of the birth of our Founder to bring the Woodard ethos into a new arena.

Choosing your Woodard School

When choosing your Woodard school, we advise that as well as obtaining the relevant school prospectus, parents and pupils also visit the schools either at an open day or for an individual tour.

The admission department at each school will be able to provide full information on registering, waiting lists and entrance requirements.