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On Saturday, 19 March, 2016, Abbots Bromley School celebrated the official opening of ABIC – Abbots Bromley International College.

St Mary’s, which opened its doors to girls only, in 1870, has undergone complete remodernisation creating a base for teaching and learning facilities fit for the 21st century and beyond. It now houses: Meynell Lowe House, a first class boarding facility (heralding the first cohort of boys to Abbots Bromley School), common rooms, dining facilities, classrooms with state of the art technology and relaxation areas. The new “Alice Mary Coleridge International Conference Room” has the latest SMART ClaaS technology.

This has transformed the learning environment for future generations of students and their teachers and is a key milestone in the history of this very unique school.

Guests, from the local and wider community, were joined by the Reverend Canon Bill Weaver, former Provost of the Woodard Midland Division, who gave us his opening words. The Executive Head, Mrs Musgrave said “The school is delighted, the longest serving member of Domestic Staff, of sixty years, officially opened the college with the cutting of a ceremonial ribbon. Mrs Margaret Ashmore joined the school in the 1950s when it was a very different place from which it is today.”

Executive Head, Mrs Musgrave expressed her pleasure at the growth of the school and the energy that the international dimension has brought with it, which can only benefit our local children. We have musicians, scientists, mathematicians and artists from all corners of the globe.

This wonderful opportunity for growth and development comes supported by benefaction from former students of the school and interested business people. Everyone is delighted with their new school building. It is a bright, warm and an inviting learning environment that meets the educational needs of all our students. Our hopes for a school and college fit for the 21st century have been realised.

The final words of the Reverend Canon Bill Weaver’s speech were “My hope and my prayer for this exciting and challenging new venture is simply this: may AB International College be a place where inspirational teaching and inspirational learning equip young men and women to be tomorrow’s global leaders”.

For further information about our wonderful school and college please visit www.AbbotsBromleySchool.com Telephone 01283 840232.