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Woodard Schools media style guide

Press Releases

Ideally, a typical press release should not be more than two pages of A4 and certainly no more than three pages of A4.

When sending out press releases by email, cut and paste words into the main body of the email and cut and paste the headline into the subject field.

Media Alerts

Media alerts are typically distributed prior to a photo call, event opening or press conference. Their purpose is to invite/encourage journalists or photographers to attend. They should be kept short, informative and no longer than one page of A4.

Content should typically inform the media of what’s going to be announced/happen, along with details of the appropriate venue, date and start time. An outline of what’s planned to take place should be included along with an indication of any key spokespeople available for interview or VIP guests attending. A contact name and details should also be included to enable journalists to get in touch for further information as required.

The subsequent press releases are usually distributed to any media who attend the event on the day, with further copies distributed electronically for the information of those outlets that were not able to attend.


Boilerplates are the Notes to Editors’ that appear at the bottom of a press release where crucial information about the organisation is placed. Please remember to insert a boilerplate in the form of a Notes to Editors’ in every press release that is issued to the media.

Typically content of this section confirms general background information about the individual school/Woodard that is of interest to the media.

Seeking Approval

Please ensure that any media release that is issued has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate person within your school (eg Head Teacher/Marketing Director etc) or when necessary, the Woodard Head Office or Liquid PR  as required, in good time before it is released.

It is also important to ensure that you have sought the consent of any third party featured within your media release and ensure that they have an opportunity to review content and supply them with a final copy for reference.

When featuring students and other young people within any media materials, including photography, always ensure that the appropriate consents has been obtained as outlined in your school/Woodard policies.