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What is the news?

There are many opportunities to be proactive with the media. However, the most important consideration is to ensure that we provide the media with newsworthy stories.

General guide to developing a newsworthy Woodard Schools story:

  • Does it profile your school/Woodard as the strategic lead for education in your area / regionally / nationally?
  • Does it concern the investment or launch of a new facility / student or school achievement / industry comment / new developments or advances in education / staff appointment?
  • Is it possible to include a quote?
  • Can you support the story with interesting / relevant photography?
  • As yourself, would you be interested in reading / hearing about it

What sorts of stories are worth a press release?

  • Investment
  • Facility openings / developments
  • School / Student achievements (Musical / Sporting / Academic etc)
  • Events / Visits
  • Research / Partnership Initiatives
  • Appointments
  • Human interest (Individual / Charitable activities etc

Always remember what journalists do not want:

  • They do not want to waste precious time
  • They do not want to give your school/Woodard free advertising