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Press release research

The following questions act as a checklist to help you get the relevant information for most frequently used press release topics:

Funding/Project Announcement Press Release

  • What is the project?
  • How much is being invested?
  • Where has the money come from?
  • What will this money fund?
  • When will the project/facility be up and running?
  • When will the final facility be open for use/new equipment be installed?
  • Who has supplied/donated the equipment?
  • Who will benefit as a result of this investment?
  • Who is to be quoted from the school/Woodard?
  • Who else needs to be quoted from any third parties?

New Appointment Press Release

  • What is the person’s name and new job title?
  • Is this role newly created?
  • When were they appointed?
  • What are their roles and responsibilities?
  • What are their job objectives?
  • Who will they be reporting to?
  • What organisations have they worked for before and in what capacity?
  • What were their major achievements in their previous roles?
  • Are they part of any industry or professional bodies?
  • What are their personal interests?
  • Who should provide a quote about the appointment?