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Media relations time tables to support either high profile or soft launch events

Example 1: Media Relations Timetable for High Profile Launch Events / Announcements/Press Conferences

Date Activity
Tuesday Distribution of media alert to all outlets

Sell-in of media spokesperson for interviews on Launch Day

Confirm the event is in the diaries of TV, picture desks and Print and Radio News Desks as appropriate to your story

Wednesday Anticipate that pre-recorded interviews could take place and prepare spokespeople

Sell-in press conference/media event to all media for on the day attendance

Launch Day 12 noon
Early morning calls to determine/chase attendance at launch event

Host photo call

Distribute press release to attending media

Distribute press release to non-attending daily media at 12 noon (launch time) or before 12 noon but embargoed until that time

Photographer to wire picture to daily media

Continue to set up radio interviews

Check the picture and press release received by the picture/news desks

Friday Distribute photo and press release to weekly media by email**

Sell-in of story and picture to print

** Be aware of deadlines.  If you launch on a Monday, you could still get the story and photographs in that week’s newspaper so distribute the photograph and press release to these publications on launch date.

Example 2: Media Relations Timetable for Soft Launch / Announcement

(NB: a Soft Launch is an announcement where there is no physical event or press conference planned.)

Date Activity
Wednesday Ensure appropriate parties sign off press release and media alert. This can take some time so allow three to four days and give deadlines for the sign-off.
Tuesday Distribution of media alert by email
Sell-in of media spokesperson for pre-records and radio interviews to gauge interest
Confirm the announcement is in the diaries of TV, Picture Desks and Print and Radio News Desks
Distribute embargoed press release on Tuesday p.m. (so print journalists can write up tomorrow for Thursday’s papers)
Hold pre-record interviews
Continue to sell-in radio interviews
Distribute press release to attending media
Sell-in spokesperson to regional TV
Thursday Launch Day
Continue to set up radio, TV and print interviews – dependent upon interest
Media follow-ups to all outlets as appropriate