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King’s Hall School pupils have been unearthing a treasure-trove of artefacts in their very own archaeological pit.

Pupils in Year 3 spent a wonderful morning digging and identifying a number of objects as part of their history courses.

The archaeological pit has been divided into three areas for different year groups to discover various Celtic, Roman and Saxon/Viking artefacts. These have been buried for the children to dig up, clean up and investigate! Pupils in Years 4 and 5 cannot wait to take part in the big dig in the Summer Term.

The archaeological dig project was generously gifted by parents at King’s Hall, and has already helped bring the fascinating world of history to life.

Year 3 Class Teacher, Jenny Hayden-Briffet, said: “In the History department we are looking for ways of making the subject ‘hands on’; to make what we are teaching more relevant and accessible to the children, and to give them concrete experiences to hang their knowledge on.

Outdoor, practical activities help history to come to life: what better way to learn about Celtic Britain than to dig up artefacts, investigate what they are and find out how they were used”.

Photographer: Skyla Hatcher