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It just wouldn’t be Christmas without a beautifully decorated tree, but if it wasn’t for the hard work of our gardeners, groundskeepers and conservation charities, our homes would be looking somewhat bare over the festive season.

Luckily, as part of their geography curriculum, Year 3 pupils at King’s Hall School were recently invited to assist a local family on their farm, where they learnt about the tree-planting process and the importance of protecting our woodland. The children were also given the opportunity to plant their own trees – which amassed a total of 60!

As part of Slough Court Farm’s legacy, and as a joint venture with The Woodland Trust and Sainsbury’s, the Gothard family are aiming to plant over 2,300 deciduous trees. Over time, these will benefit the local environment, helping to combat climate change.

Commenting, Year 3 teacher, Sasha Gompels said: “The children were particularly pleased that they were able to add name tags to each of the planted trees, meaning that when they return they will be able to see the result of their hard work”.

Sustainability and outdoor education is strongly encouraged at King’s Schools, with pupils regularly taking part in environmental projects. In 2018, members of the King’s College Sustainability Strategy planted over 30 trees around the school grounds. These, too, were donated by The Woodland Trust as part of their Green Tree Schools Award.

Small acts such as these go a long way in helping to enrich the biodiversity of our schools, and also help to create new habitable spaces for our local wildlife.