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Four Taunton independent schools recently competed in the historic Meade King Cup at the King’s College swimming pool. Over 100 swimmers took part with congratulations going to Taunton School who were the overall winners, followed by King’s College.

The King’s College pool was home to the 2023 Meade King Cup Swimming Competition, which was organised by Wellington School this year.

Known to be the oldest swimming competition in the world between more than two schools, The Meade King Cup saw swimming teams from King’s College, Wellington School and Queen’s College come together at Taunton School to battle it out.

The Meade King Cup is named after Dr. Richard Liddon Meade-King who was the first school doctor at King’s College and a great advocate of an active lifestyle. Dr. Meade-King was well known for his involvement in swimming in Taunton through his roles as President of the Somerset Amateur Swimming Association and life member of Taunton Swimming Club. It was Dr. Meade-King, who persuaded King’s College to build its first pool and who donated the Cup, for which swimmers still compete today. The King’s College Aluredian magazine included an article about the event in the Michaelmas 1925 edition, and there are strict rules governing the competition (still followed to this day), including a very specific list of races and limits on the number of events in which participants can compete.

Over 100 swimmers took part, with a few stand out performances on the day, including a brilliant 50m fly race by Euan M, who is the current Captain of King’s Boys Swimming Team.

Head of Swimming at King’s, Sandra Ison said: “The magic of this wonderfully historic event is the sense of keeping a tradition alive and I’m very proud of our swimmers. We had a fantastic day and a huge well done to everyone.”

Congratulations go to Taunton School who were the overall winners, followed by King’s College, Wellington School and Queen’s College.

King’s College has a comprehensive swimming and aquatics programme that provides opportunities for pupils to enjoy the water throughout school life, whether it be social, recreational, competitive or as part of the PE timetable. Swimming is a vital life skill and necessary for pupils wishing to take part in other water-based activities outside of the pool environment such as sailing and kayaking.

The fantastic 25m, five lane pool at King’s College is 1.1m deep in the shallow end and 2.8m in the deep end, thereby facilitating other aquatic activities such as water polo, scuba diving and lifesaving. The facility also benefits from diving blocks, anti-turbulence lane ropes and water polo goals as well as an extensive stock of swimming equipment.

To find out more about sport at King’s College, visit www.kings-taunton.co.uk.