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Pupils at King’s College, Taunton, are celebrating an excellent set of GCSE results this week. The school has improved significantly on its previous results, and will once again be one of the top schools in the county at this level. A new record has been set with three pupils gaining eleven A* grades each. Nearly half of exams entered attracted A* or A grades, and three-quarters gained A* to B grades.

Fourteen pupils gained straight As and A*s, with pupils Charlie Collins, Tessa Counsell and India Greenland sweeping the board with straight A*s. Other top-flight performances, with eight  or more A*s,  came from Grace Albery, William Cashmore, Ellie Chilcott, Matthew Thorne and Marcello Visco, who moved to Somerset from Italy only three years ago.

Marcello achieved one of the school’s highest marks in English, while English pupil Lydia Smith, having picked up Italian from scratch at GCSE level, achieved a grade A in that language – these are outstanding achievements for both pupils. Marcello will be going on to take maths, further maths, chemistry, design technology and physics at A level in the sixth form. Departments which performed particularly well include biology and chemistry (over 50% at A* and A) and history (60% at A* and A). Modern and Ancient languages remain strong subjects for the school: of the 26 Latin exams entered, 16 were graded A*. In Spanish 71% of pupils gained A*s or As, almost one third of pupils achieved A*s in French and 63% achieved A*s or As in German. In music, 61% of pupils gained A*s or As.

Headmaster, Richard Biggs, has commented: “These are very strong results from our fifth form pupils, representing two years of solid academic effort and, just as importantly, real interest in their studies. The academic high-fliers have, as usual, covered themselves in A*s and a great deal of glory, and deserve our highest praise. The three pupils who achieved eleven A*s each have set a new benchmark for the future, and I congratulate them warmly on that extraordinary achievement. But I am equally proud of those pupils who have grafted away to get their pass grades. A diet of ten GCSEs is a slog – probably the toughest challenge these pupils will face – and a relentless round (especially in year 11) of controlled assessment and exam practice. Our fifth form took it all in their stride and managed, at the same time, to contribute with their usual enthusiasm to the wider life at King’s. They will thrive at A level and we are delighted that we will be welcoming the great majority of them back into the sixth form in September.”

Mr Biggs went on to say “I am particularly proud of the numbers of our pupils taking tough, academically challenging subjects. Of a year group of 98, 61 took history, 74 geography and 76 took three separate sciences. Latin remains popular and the results are excellent.  Almost every pupil took a modern foreign language, with a third achieving A* grades.  At a time when schools are facing huge changes to curriculums and examinations it is enormously heartening to see an undiminished appetite in our pupils for the challenge of real, exciting, difficult academic work. They, like this school, will take whatever changes come their way in their stride.”

King’s College is holding an Open Day on Saturday 3rd October 2015. Please contact Registrar Kate Rippin on 01823 328204 or by email to admissions@kings-taunton.co.uk