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Pupils at King’s College, Taunton, have once again achieved excellent A level results this year, particularly in the tougher ‘facilitating’ subjects that Russell Group universities value. Nearly 60% of subjects entered resulted in grades of A* to B and an impressive 11% were at A* level.

The school’s four Oxbridge candidates all achieved the grades they needed. Sixteen pupils achieved straight A’s and A*s.

Particularly impressive performances came from Tristan Barker (A*s in maths and chemistry and an A in further maths); Linda Brosig (A*s in German and maths and As in economics and Spanish); Oliver Fox (A*s in biology, chemistry and maths, an A in physics); John Hall (A*s in maths, further maths and physics and an A in chemistry); Ed Keeling (A*s in economics and history, and an A in maths); Maddie Parr (A*s in history and philosophy and an A in English).

Three pupils managed straight A*s:  Head Boy Josh Stickland in English, history and Latin; Edward Gibb in English, history and Latin and Annie O’Neill in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry. Josh is off to Oxford to read history, Edward to Oxford to study classics and Annie to Cambridge to study computer science. Oliver Fox has a place at Cambridge to read medicine.

Departments which performed particularly well include chemistry (nearly 40% A* and A grades), economics (79% A* to B), maths (61% A* to B for maths and 100% for further maths), history (77% A* to B), Latin (all candidates achieved A*s or A) and philosophy (75% A* to B). The perennially outstanding Design Technology Department was once again on top form, with 73% of candidates getting A* to B.

Given the recent press reports about the national decline in languages, King’s is particularly proud to be bucking the trend, with languages remaining strong. The combined French, German and Spanish results were excellent, with 80% of pupils achieving A* to B.

Commenting on the results, Headmaster Richard Biggs said “As always the excitement and real success are to be found in the detail of individual results. I am particularly impressed by those pupils who have picked themselves up over the last two years and worked their socks off to get good, strong pass grades. I am also proud of the very impressive showing of our traditional, academically more rigorous and highly regarded subjects. We have a large number of pupils taking, and succeeding in, maths, history, economics, the humanities, the sciences and languages. I am delighted about our four Oxbridge successes, of course, but am just as pleased with the fact that the great majority of our leavers will be going on to universities of their choice. We know that the excellent, broadening, education they have received at King’s will see them flourishing at the next stage. I congratulate all our pupils warmly on their hard work and wonderful results.”

King’s College is holding an Open Day on Saturday 3  October 2015. Please contact Registrar Kate Rippin on admissions@kings-taunton.co.uk for more information.

The picture by photographer Harry Trump shows back row left to right: Ed Keeling, Alexander Madge, Helena Winsey, Emily Glazebrook and Daniel Bidgood and front row left to right: Alex Michaels, Ed Denton, Annie O’Neill, Jake Williams and Tara Benson