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From September 2016 for the first time girls will be taking their place amongst the ranks of the Royal Marines (RM) CCF Section at King’s. Following a rigorous selection process in June, the section strength is to be complemented by a number of female students from all year groups. During their time in the RM Section these girls will undertake a demanding syllabus that includes leadership, fieldcraft, first aid, navigation and physical conditioning.

The CCF has close links with the Ten Tors event and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme where girls routinely participate with a great deal of success. Female representation in the CCF across the country has increased in recent times; in April 2016 the CCF Naval sections nationwide had the highest proportion of female cadets (33.1%) compared with the Army sections (32%) and the RAF sections (26.4%).

This progressive move coincides with the decision taken in Parliament in July that the ban on women serving in ground close combat roles should be lifted. The King’s College CCF Contingent Commander, Lt Col David Cole said: “Girls have played a significant role in the CCF over the years in the Army and RN sections and they will be a welcome addition to the RM section. I know the girls who have been selected are very keen to prove themselves.”