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Academy Conferences are running a number of events on various dates in 2015.  These day conferences are aimed at top academic students in Years 10 and 11 and provide an opportunity for students to meet and listen to top academics who are experienced in broadening horizons and stimulating high level thinking.

Lectures include:

  • Dr Mark Lewney:  The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be
  • Professor Tom Greggs: Robot Fantasy, Android Dreams and the Emotion Chip
  • Julie Arliss: Chaos and the Origins of the Universe
  • Oxbridge Interview Question:  Do you believe that statues can move and how might you justify such a belief?
  • Big Science Debate:  The Precautionary Principle

Bursary awards are available, on application to Academy Conferences, for students in need of financial help.

Please contact Jarrett Wilson, Director of Education for Academy Conferences, for more information and to book your school’s places. He can be reached at 07979 524277 or via email at Jarrett@academyconferences.com

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