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Denstone College Preparatory School at Smallwood Manor held a Science Day on the last day before half term.  Each form teacher at Denstone College Prep School had organised exciting and inspiring science lessons, being led by the Head of Science, Mrs McKenzie. Mrs McKenzie also arranged for science teachers from Denstone College’s Science Department to come in and provide the children with some additional science knowledge. The school were most grateful for their wealth of experience and knowledge. Here is a list of just some of the interesting and thought-provoking activities the children took part in during the day:

  • Designing foil boats with as much up-thrust acting on them as possible to enable them to float on top of the water.
  • How to monitor their heart rates and how to achieve their target heart rate.
  • Learning about using air resistance, gravity and reducing terminal velocity to make the perfect parachute.
  • The power of chemical reactions. The children mixed easily accessible products to make a bath bomb.
  • Looking at how dirty our hands are using UV Lights and glowing plasticine.
  • What makes a good bubble machine.
  • Louis Pasteur and his study of germs, vaccines and crystals. The children made their own crystal gardens.
  • Static electricity – the children made tissue paper ghost figures and used the power of static electricity to make them ‘dance’
  • In the Art Department children were given the choice of being entomologists or producing optical illusion cubes. Some children opted to draw insects, creating a new creature of their own.  Others looked at how optical illusions are portrayed in Art by producing optical illusion cubes.
  • Recreating a volcanic eruption on a small scale and with less hazardous materials than lava and rocks erupting out of a volcano.
  • Making their own magnetic slime.

All the staff worked extremely hard to make such a memorable day for the children. There was lots of laughter and one child was overheard commenting “this is what science is all about?”