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An independent school in Marchington has achieved a 100% pass rate in their entrance exams to senior school. Out of 22 Year Six pupils who sat the entrance exam into Denstone College and one other private school, all 22 have been offered places, and 20 scholarships and exhibitions were awarded. The average score attained by the pupils was an amazingly high 78%, 7% higher than last year’s average. Three pupils achieved an average score of over 90%, with two of them averaging a staggering 98%, which in one case included a mark of 100% in the science exam.

The list of awards for 2018 are as follows:

Academic Scholarships 4
All-Round Scholarship 1
Art Scholarship 1
Music Scholarship 2
Academic Exhibition 3
All-Round Exhibition 1
Drama Exhibition 1
Equestrian Exhibition 1
Music Exhibition 3
Sports Exhibition 3


The exam entrance procedure can be particularly challenging for pupils, consisting of English, Maths and Science papers and an interview with a senior member of staff at Denstone College.

In addition, pupils can be assessed on their music, art, drama or sporting abilities and, if successful, will receive scholarships or exhibitions.

Headmaster, Jerry Gear, said, “We are absolutely delighted with these results that actually breaks the record for the most awards achieved in a single year by the School”. He added, “What gives me the most pleasure is that these awards are spread between so many different areas of education.  We are passionate about providing a genuine breadth of educational experiences for our children and these awards recognise this”.