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Once again, Denstone College are celebrating with their pupils today on receipt of an impressive set of A-Level grades. With 15 children sweeping straight A grades and over 80% already accepted into their chosen Universities.

Head, Lotte Tulloch, is delighted with the performance of all the pupils and is looking forward to hearing the success stories of the children as they move on to higher education, degree apprenticeships or the world of work.

These results have not happened accidentally and Lotte is full of praise for the young men and women who have worked so hard through years of disruption but also to her remarkable teaching staff who have helped teach, mentor, coach and tutor their charges to success.

Grades are rightfully adjusted to the pre-pandemic levels in a continued desire to create stability and normality in education and whilst nationwide, this particular cohort may feel they have been unfairly targeted – it is a necessary step to provide stability and to ensure the whole world knows the gold standards of our education system. To know that our pupils have excelled irrespective of this shift in grade boundaries is wonderful.

However, at Denstone College, colleagues and parents are reminded that it is not always the ‘A grade’ student who has achieved the most and they seek to celebrate those children who have made significant progress in other areas and those children for whom the ‘value added’ is greatest.

Head, Lotte Tulloch, says “Today we send into the world fine young men and women who have not just a string of excellent A-Level grades – for that would be hollow honours indeed – but young men and women of good character and strong soul.”