01283 840120

Woodard Schools and Academies

Contact details for all the Woodard Schools and Academies can be found under the “Our Schools” tab.


Woodard Schools Head Office

High Street
Abbots Bromley
Staffordshire  WS15 3BW

Office Administrator:  Mrs L Gill

Tel:  01283 840120
Email:  lynettegill@woodardschools.co.uk

Registered Company Number 4659710
Registered Charity Number 1096270

Woodard Academies Trust Head Office

1 Adam Street

Office Manager:  Mr S Webb

Tel:  020 33975100
Email:  stuart.webb@woodard.co.uk

Registered Company Number 6415729


Note to All Cold Callers

Woodard Schools uses a select group of suppliers.  Note that we operate a no names policy and do not accept calls from suppliers whom we have not engaged with directly.

The Role of Woodard in Complaints and Comments to Schools

We do not have a contractual relationship with parents of pupils, or with staff in Woodard schools, and Woodard does not have an oversight role in considering complaints to Woodard schools. There is no right of appeal to Woodard should you disagree with the decision of a governing body.  You may raise the matter with us if you consider the complaint wasn’t investigated properly or fairly and we will ask the school for observations but, so long as the governing body followed a proper procedure and considered the complaint in a reasonable manner, we have no further role.  Woodard cannot reverse the decision of a governing body.  If you wish to raise the matter with Woodard then please contact lynettegill@woodardschools.co.uk in the first instance.