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Following a strong performance in A Level results last week, pupils at Lancing College can celebrate a successful achievement in their GCSEs. 2019 has seen Lancing students take the revised 9-1 graded GCSE examinations across all subjects with the exception of Music. Considerable success has been achieved with nearly 20% of grades awarded at the coveted Grade 9. Well over a third of all examinations in the new grading system were at Grades 9-8 and 42 pupils scored five or more Grades 9-7; the scholarly application of the young men and women of Lancing has done the College proud.

Commenting on the results Dominic Oliver, Head Master, said “Firmly embedded into the new 9-1 graded GCSE for the first time, Lancing pupils have performed exceptionally well in this challenging qualifications environment and should feel proud of the results that they have achieved. We are especially delighted to see further evidence of our strengths in Maths, Music and the individual Sciences and this follows our excellent performance at A Level last week. At Lancing we aim to nourish the mind and nurture a love of learning. We don’t simply ‘teach to the test’ – our students are inspired to explore, challenge and build on current knowledge. Our academic results are again excellent but we place the highest premium on self-expression and independent thought: Lancing students challenge formulaic thinking with precision, imagination and wit.”

There were some remarkable individual performances within this impressive year group:

Isaac Abatan of Hove has netted an outstanding set of results. As well as being a very accomplished football player both for the county and in the England Independent Schools squad, Isaac has already represented our 1st XI for one season and will be a key player in the Sixth Form. He joined us from our preparatory school in Hove and has attained Grade 9s in Biology and Chemistry GCSE, which he will study in the Sixth Form, with a further four Grade 8s, two Grade 7s and a Grade 6. He will combine his Sixth Form studies with continuing sporting development, the Premier League and medical school both possible future routes.

Emily Blanden of Hove joined us from Lancing Prep Hove. She has attained what in the past might have been ‘straight As’, a clean sweep of Grade 7s (the equivalent of the old Grade A) or better, attaining one Grade 9, five Grade 8s and three Grade 7s; a fantastic haul of results. She will go on to study Politics and the Sciences and looks likely to join our long line of medical and life science success stories, with women in STEM subjects being a particular strength of Lancing College.

Stephanie Mathias of Midhurst, West Sussex, has achieved an excellent sweep of GCSE grades at Lancing College. An outstanding musician and academic, Stephanie achieved what in the old grading system would be a clean sweep of Grade A/7s or better, with an A* in the exacting IGCSE Music qualification (the highest possible grade in that qualification) alongside a Grade 9 in English Literature, three further Grade 8s (A* equivalent) and four Grade 7s. She will continue her musical studies at Lancing, one of the country’s leading musical schools, in the Sixth Form alongside other A Levels in English Literature, Biology and German.

Kristina Moody of Worthing, West Sussex, has gained an outstanding sweep of GCSE results, netting the equivalent of straight As or better in all of her examinations. A talented scientist, Kristina has scored three outstanding Grade 9s (the new double A* grade) in Chemistry, Biology and English Literature as well as four Grade 8s (the old A* grade) and two Grade 7s. Also an outstanding linguist, Kristina achieved the top grade for German GCSE three years early and speaks Italian and Spanish (Grade 8).

Maya Richardson of Lancing, West Sussex, achieved an excellent sweep of straight As, achieving a Grade 7 (the equivalent of the old Grade A) or better in all of her examinations. Her Grade 9 in Design Technology is particularly pleasing as she wishes, upon completion of the Sixth Form, to go on to study Architecture, a discipline where the College has had particular success, sending students to the best architecture schools in the country for the last decade and beyond. In addition to her DT grade, Maya scored four Grade 8s (the old A* grade) and four Grade 7s.

Amélie Rohan of Haywards Heath, West Sussex, has scored an incredible haul of GCSE results at Lancing College. The new Grade 9, the equivalent of a ‘double A*’, was only introduced two years ago to recognise the truly outstanding student. Amélie has attained eight Grade 9s across her GCSE subjects as well as a single Grade 8.

William Simpson of Littlehampton, West Sussex, netted an incredible set of GCSE results at Lancing College. William, one of the College’s Academic Scholars, achieved four Grade 9s alongside a further five Grade 8s (the old A* equivalent), meaning that he has netted even better than a clean sweep of A* grades. An outstanding sportsman too, William has already played a year in our leading 1st XI football team and will continue to play in the Sixth Form.