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A Vital Ministry by the Revd Dr John Caperon, launched at the National School Chaplaincy Conference held in June 2015, explores chaplaincy in Church of England secondary schools, arguing that the ‘post-millennium generation’ of the young live in a cultural context which threatens their well-being and human flourishing. Church schools, however, have the potential to offer a holistic education which seeks to build spiritual capital in their students, and a key element in the provision of this is the ministry of chaplaincy. Drawing on the testimony both of school chaplains and school students, the book argues that the chaplain’s ‘ministry of presence’ is one which signals the divine dimension and which embodies a commitment to the young as ‘children of God’. The ministry of pastoral care has a key part to play in the fostering of students’ spiritual development and personal growth, and as a liturgical leader a chaplain may enable the opening up of the spiritual realm for students. The institutional Church needs to take seriously this vital but neglected ministry, the book concludes, arguing for better recognition, professional support and development for those working as chaplains in schools.

A Vital Ministry by Revd Dr John Caperon is available from www.scmpress.co.uk

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