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The Woodard Corporation is a significant charity founded on the vision of Canon Nathaniel Woodard, providing high quality education in an actively Christian school environment for all. Today, Woodard educates over 30,000 pupils across academy, independent and state-maintained schools. Our aim is to be the educational provider of choice and a valued voice in UK education.


​A Woodard Education

We firmly believe that all young people should be given every opportunity to flourish and to become world class learners, within nurturing and supportive communities.

Our Schools

Woodard encompasses a number of schools across the UK and even beyond, all governed on the principle of high quality education in an actively Christian environment.

Woodard Voice

Our regular newsletter provides news about activity and developments across our range of schools.

“They would have been in contact with something assured, unchanging, and victoriously dynamic; and the memory of it, at later moments of their life, when passion is violent, temptation overwhelming, or despair insistent, may avail to call them home to a power and grace promised by God Himself in Christ.” 

Such was our founder’s vision for all who pass through our schools. As we begin to recover from the trauma of the pandemic, new occasions for despair stalk our international relations and the future of the very planet itself. Nathaniel’s vision remains as vital today as it did then, and so we recommit ourselves to our motto: to demonstrate our love of God by loving our brothers and sisters in need and in plenty, in sorrow and in joy.

The Reverend Justin White, Senior Provost


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Woodard Prospectus

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The Woodard Community is today praying for

The Woodard Community is today praying for

King’s Rochester, Kent Praying for wisdom with future proofing the school, and for the governors and Principal as they make strategic decisions.  For the new assistant Lay Chaplain, Emma Parren. For our confirmands to be confirmed in the Michaelmas term. For continued...

The Woodard Community is today praying for

The Woodard Community is today praying for

St Peter & St Paul School, Hady Hill, Chesterfield We pray for our pupils as they begin their new school year- that they will flourish and grow under our guidance. We pray for our teachers and staff as they strive to provide an exciting education for everyone in...